We are conducting surveys, monitoring, and research on cougars (puma, mountain lion) on the Ladder Ranch in south-central New Mexico. Here, cougars are of particular interest given their effects on state-endangered desert bighorn sheep and other valuable big game. These projects are also resources for training and education, most notably through the Cougar Field Workshop.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Recent collar downloads show our cougar on the move. A concentration of fixes at the north end of the map indicate some siginificant activity - perhaps a kill. As fall turns to winter we hope to receive more collar downloads. Cottonwood, willow, and salt cedar canopies seem to be blocking our data transmissions. As these trees shed their leaves we may get a better picture of our cougar's movements.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Fortunately, our collared cougar is staying well away from sensitive areas. However, it appears that a new cougar is setting up residence on the sheep range.

THE FURMAN COUGAR RETURNS! There have been no recent updates (as you may have noticed) while the position of field biologist on the project was transfered to Furman alum, Christopher Jones. The most exciting recent developments include our first visuals of the Furman cougar since collaring it. The visuals were via remote camera. He was photographed at the original capture site. It really appears that he is contemplating the events of last April. Perhaps the best news is that he appears quite healthy. Unfortunately, the number of successfull data downloads has decreased significantly. Fewer than 10 GIS fixes have been obtained in the last few months.