We are conducting surveys, monitoring, and research on cougars (puma, mountain lion) on the Ladder Ranch in south-central New Mexico. Here, cougars are of particular interest given their effects on state-endangered desert bighorn sheep and other valuable big game. These projects are also resources for training and education, most notably through the Cougar Field Workshop.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Perched atop this piece of lava rock is a packrat (Neotoma sp.) of which there are actually several species in the U.S. and Mexico. One of the problems we had with this particular camera is that the infrared sensor, which spreads out in a cone from the camera, had too much of this lava rock in its field of "view". The result is that we obtained many pictures of mid-day hot lava rock and not much else - not to insult the noble packrat.


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