We are conducting surveys, monitoring, and research on cougars (puma, mountain lion) on the Ladder Ranch in south-central New Mexico. Here, cougars are of particular interest given their effects on state-endangered desert bighorn sheep and other valuable big game. These projects are also resources for training and education, most notably through the Cougar Field Workshop.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Below is an extraordinary series of photos of a very efficient fox! We recorded 8 photos of at least one fox with a prey item in its mouth in 7 days. Prey items included: packrat, ground squirrel, and cottontails. I suspect that the camera is set near a den with hungry pups. In almost 5,000 camera nights in 2007 we recorded only a single instance of fox predation. It will be interesting to see if we soon see small foxes in the photos.


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